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Sunday, November 20, 2005

You're Not Cool Until ...

Recently actresses/singers/models have all decided to give up their day job to focus on designing their own lines of clothing and accessories. You may be a tad bit skeptical (which I was at first) but in the past five years, the modern day consumer has become engrossed with not only celebrities dirty laundry but their clothes as well.

~Let me begin with the one and only JLo. In 2004 her line “Sweetface” grossed over $130 million and is expected to surpass that mark after debuting her upscale line in New York’s Fashion Week.

~Next twin style icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have had their own line exclusively at Wal-Mart for years. They offer products varying from hair care, clothing, to books and videos. Their estimated net worth is $1 billion.

~Mandy Moores' new line, Mblem consists of vintage tees which will be carried in various boutiques throughout the country.

~Hillary Duff is also jumping on the band wagon by carrying a line called “Stuff by Duff” at Target stores nationwide.

~Victoria Beckham, once known as Posh Spice of the late 1990’s hit group the Spice Girls has been designing jeans for years and will now carry her own line, VB (her initials) this year. Unfortunately VB is only being sold in the UK, so it’s the internet for everyone in the US.

~Gwen Stefani known for her unusual rocker chick style has created her own line, L.A.M.B. which consists of handbags and accessories. Her line offers pieces which reflect the singers’ personal style.

More celebrities with their own line:

Jessica Simpson -“Dessert” edible fragrances and makeup
Justin Timberlake – “William Rast” denim line
Mariah Carey – “Mariah Kiss Kiss” underwear line
Beyonce Knowles – “The House of Dereon” clothing and accessories
Kelly Osbourne – “Stiletto Killers” clothing

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

From SJP giving up her heels to stars wrapped in furs and everything else in between!

In this weeks Life & Style magazine it shows SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker for all those not obsessed) walking around New York City wearing FLATS!!! Hard to believe the star who made Manolo Blaniks a household name is giving up her 4 inch heels. Well come to find out she tore a couple of tendons in her foot and therefore had to give up her heels for a while so her foot could heel. Granted she can make anything look stylish but its just so odd seeing her without her signature heels. Anyway, her friend Patricia Fields, costume designer for Sex & the City says that this style of hers won’t last much longer and that she will be 80 years old and still wearing her high heels.

Now moving on to stars in furs…It seems as if all of Hollywood has gone crazy over fur. Whether it is chinchilla or rabbit celebrities everywhere are hitting the town wrapped in their favorite fur. Star Jones Reynolds and Melania Trump were both spotted wearing chinchilla in NYC and Nicole Richie was seen wearing a Joseph fur vest when meeting her fiancé for dinner in Beverly Hills. We all know furs are expensive and the average person can’t afford to buy a real one (especially those of us who are in college) but for all of us on a budget there are some great faux renditions in Nordstrom’s and even Target.

Now for everything else in between….
Trends celebrities are wearing right now....

Purple eye shadow (shown below)
Wavy Hair
Headbands (shown above)
Cowboy Boots (yes, the trend is still in)

Also check out Life & Style to see which stars are Divas or Down to Earth.

Friday, November 11, 2005

How to know what’s hot and what’s not

How to spot a fashion fad...

There are three cycles to a piece of clothing or accessory becoming a fad:

Innovative Phase: This is the part of the cycle where the item is extremely sought after. Ex: When celebrities started wearing UGGS.

Emulation Phase: This is when everyone wants to own or wear the trend. After girls everywhere saw these celebrities wearing the boots in national magazines everyone in America wanted their own pair.

Saturation Phase: This is when the price of the item decreases, can be found relatively anywhere, and targeted towards a mass market. Take UGGS; they can be found in almost any mall and on many websites. Though prices have remained relatively the same many stores are offering last seasons colors at a discount.

NOTE: Most often “normal” people buy such items in the emulation or saturation phase because only celebrities or people in the fashion industry get distinct items in the first phase.

Another great example of trends in the saturation phase is the initial clothing, name necklace, and once again UGGS worn by Sarah Jessica Parker who played Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & The City. Everything she wore on the show turned to gold and hit mass markets within the next year. The character “Carrie” became a style icon and women today still emulate her chic trends. Here is a pic of "Carrie" wearing her signature "Carrie" necklace.

So with all that said here are some trends that are still hot this season and some new pieces you will definitely want to add to your collection.

Pieces to keep in your closet:
• Boho: Layer your tiered skirts with a cropped jean jacket for cooler weather.
• Shrugs: Layer shrugs and tie-front ballet tops over long camisoles and sheer tops. Pair with denim or cropped pants.
• Chunky, ethnic jewelry: Mixes great with fall's teals and browns.
• Metallic shoes and bags: Still hot!
• Cropped pants: Wear with tall boots and a duster or long coat for a cool long-over-short look.

HOT new must have items:
• Military-inspired jacket or coat
• Animal prints
• Fur trims
• Embellished jeans
• Bold jewelry - especially cuff bracelets

To find more fashion info check this out.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Life & Style Declares Hollywood's Newest Obsessions

From staying warm with a trench and gloves to the shoe all the celebrities can’t live without!

Trivia Question: During what war did British and French soldiers wear trench coats???

(answer found at bottom of post)

The idea of the trench coat may have been conceived decades ago but celebrities today still believe they are in style. Not only are they in style but Life & Style magazine declares them to be the “IT” coat of the season. Some of the hottest designers such as
Burberry, (pictured below) Chanel, and Tommy Hilfiger are creating their own renditions of the popular coat. Charlize Theron was spotted wearing a chocolate tweed trench at LA’s fashion week along with riding boots and a brown studded hobo bag (another must-have of the season). Some of our other favorite celebrities such as Pam Anderson, Courtney Cox, and Uma Thurman were also seen wearing longer versions of the coat around Hollywood. The trench is great because it is so versatile, you can wear it with pants and boots or a dress and pumps, either way it still looks fresh and trendy yet classy.

Another hot trend for the cold months ahead is gloves. Not just your old wool gloves that you wore as a kid but oh-so-feminine gloves (which by the way will look fantastic with a trench coat). These gloves are said to be the new seductive accessory claims Life & Style. They also say the more embellished and colorful they are the better. This hot new accessory can be found almost anywhere and for any size budget. From Coach to Target these gloves are a MUST HAVE for fall!!!

Finally it seems as if celebrities can’t get enough of the
Roger Vivier black satin sandal embellished with a black flower on the strap. This shoe hand crafted in Paris, France has been worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Claire Danes, and Kirsten Dunst. The shoes costs a mere $2,195 from Saks Fifth Avenue but you can find a less expensive version from Kenneth Cole, New York ($170).

Well, that’s all for this week. Stay tuned to see what the stars are wearing next week!!!

Answer: World War I

Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's all about your HAIR!!!

The new trend isn’t something you can purchase in a boutique or online. It seems that all Hollywood is going crazy with their hair. From cutting off inches of locks to dying your head a drastic new color, celebrities are altering their hair styles like they switch their relationships.

Pop princess, Britney Spears recently cut off inches of her hair in preparation of baby Federline. The new do will be low maintenance compared to her long locks for the new mom-to-be. While Britney’s hubby Kevin, had his hair braided in corn rows. Very father like, don’t you think????

Another highly publicized couple Brad Pitt and new girlfriend Angelina Jolie have also both changed up their dos, maybe in order to hide from paparazzi. Brad went from a shaved brunette, to having a bleach blonde mohawk and has recently been photographed as having jet black hair. During the time Brad sported his blonde mohawk, ex-wife Jennifer Aniston was reported mocking Brad’s new look saying he was a “Billy Idol want-a-be!!” I agree with Jen, while Brad looks amazing wearing almost anything, that haircut was not one of his best trends. Angelina on the other hand has gone from jet black to a softer blonde for an upcoming movie The Good Shepard. If you ask me, I think both Brad and Angelina need to find some new hairdressers.

Other celebrities such as Linsdey Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Uma Thurman have all decided that being a blonde was a summer phase and have dyed their hair darker for the fall season. My thought on the new looks… both Lindsey and Jessica look much better with darker hair but Uma on the other hand, looks kind of odd as a brunette. Thankfully it’s just for a movie she’s filming titled Super Ex-Girlfriend otherwise she should definitely stick with her blonde roots.

Mandy Moore and Nicky Hilton still believe that blondes have more fun, both girls have switched from brunette back to their original color of blonde. I personally think that both looked better as brunettes, especially Nicky, who once again resembles her sister Paris.

So in conclusion…try something new with your hair whether it be cutting off inches and or dying it a whole new color. The hottest trend in Hollywood hair is

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hollywood's Most Stylish Couples

What the greatest accessory in Hollywood??? No, it’s not your Gucci purse or your Manolo Blaniks pumps, it’s the hot guy or girl you have on your arm. Whether it is couples getting married, having babies, or even just having a fling, all eyes are watching who and what these famous faces are wearing when they are together. Here are my top three picks for most stylish couple.

For weeks now we have been hearing about Nick and Jessica, are they getting divorced or staying together??? Well, unfortunately I don’t have that answer, sorry, but I do know that they are still one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples. Whether it is going out to a red carpet event or hanging out in the living room of their Beverly Hills mansion, one thing is for sure, they are always stylish. The best part is, that this couple, made uber famous by MTV’s reality show “The Newly Weds” always act and dress their age, coordinating the color and look of their outfits.

Speaking of acting their age, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise may be 16 years apart but their “style in clothing is most definitely in sync” says Dubin of People magazine. Usually seen wearing very casual clothing such as jeans and leather jackets around town but when out to a premier or public celebrity event, Tom and Katie know how to dress the part of a Hollywood couple. I wonder what Katie will wear now that she is pregnant and will Tom dress the part of father-to-be (remember his other two children with Nicole were adopted)???? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Last but not least we have what some consider the most famous couple in the world. David Beckham and wife, Victoria are both considered fashion icons in their own right. Soccer star David is known for his crazy hairstyles and Victoria, once known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, is known for her sexy yet classy style. She always makes jeans look ultra chic, even designing her own line for Rock & Republic. This couple even has two kids which dress just as good as their mom and dad. Can you even imagine being the children of David and Victoria? Lucky kids.

Ok, so who do you all think is the most stylish Hollywood couple…is it Jessica and Nick, Tom & Katie, or David and Victoria???

Also check out People magazine’s “Do They Dress Their Age” article and vote on your favorite celebrities, such as Lindsey Lohan, Jennifer Lopez and more to see which style you think is most age appropriate.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fall Equals Fashion

This week in People magazine lists all the hottest new fall trends. From the hottest color this season, updated hobo bags, to newsboy caps, this season is loaded with hot new trends as well as some old classics.

If you recall a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned black is back, well not only is it back, but it is everywhere. Every A-list star is pulling her little black dress and pant suit out of her closet for a fall comeback. Such stars as Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Simpson have all been seen recently wearing the ensembles down the red carpet.

For all you girls who recently purchased falls hottest new bag, the hobo bag, has recently been updated by adding jewels, studs and locks. These hot new additions to the bag enable wearers to carry it at night now too. The queen of the hobo bag Sienna Miller has been sporting around the latest bag all around town as well as Sharon Stone. Which makes the point, it doesn’t matter how old you are, hobo bags can be worn by anyone of any age.

I am personally excited for this next trend which was popular a few years back. Newsboy caps are finally making a comeback. So all you girls (and guys too) go to the back of your closet and find that cap you packed away. It’s a great accessory for those days you don’t feel like doing your hair, just pop one of these caps on and not only are masking your horrible do’, you also look extremely stylish and up-to-date. Such stars as Elle MacPhearson, Lucy Lui, and Jessica Alba have all added this chic look to their wardrobe.

Finally, a couple more trends worth noting…wedge boots, printed dresses, and folkloric prints (not to be confused with the played out peasant trend) are also great fall fashion trends.

Stay tuned next week to find out what you need to look like a star!!!